Chief Avrol Looking Horse

March 22, 2017

 This is where my Heart beats. This is my hero – He has some VERY important words for all the world to hear. All of the Natives hold a part of a combination lock – all pieces together fit like a mosaic perfectly! All Prophesies from all Natives have come true! All of them! Dogon, Hopi, Christian, Pagan, Celt, Sioux, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, etc – ALL ARE EQUALLY AS VALUABLE AS THE OTHER AND ALL ALIGN with the exact same information – when we can be Wise and learn with open, Pure minds.

The brainwashing of vulnerable, fearful minds has made us believe that only WE have the gift of a religion / spirituality that leads too Paradise. Most people still believe that only they have the Key, well IT IS A COMBINATION LOCK…ALL KEYS FIT TOGETHER!

Compassion and Responsibility is what they all teach us. Responsibility to be what we were actually born for – to be Wise and have Values as STEWARDS ON our planet – Mother Earth. We are all born to care for and protect – it is the Responsibility that we forgot. Responsible for how we treat ourselves, other people, animals, plants – all life and resources. We were all born equally Valuable as humans – to live freely on the planet that used to be bright, beautiful, and extremely healthy and balanced. PH balanced, LOTS of oxygen and no pollutions.

We were NOT BORN TO LIVE AS WE DO NOW!!!! We must go back to the ways of our Ancestors – all of us have great roots that were destroyed through he dark ages! We must not identify with any one tribe or group, we must IDENTIFY WITH ALL OF THEM! Take all information, it’s like fresh water for thirsty minds! Whatever tribes our roots are from, we must let go of the black/white thinking – we must let go of ego that tells us that ‘ours is better than the rest.

No technology? I think perhaps technology is great, if it’s clean, there are numerous ways to power our machines without the use of toxic energies, Nikola Tesla was brought to his knees by the greedy cronies for even implying energy can be free – but he proved that free energy is safe and effective. Edison even murdered animals in shows to ‘prove’ that free energy kills – although the fakery is, they were electrocuted by Edison technology, not Tesla’s inventions. Sad that people believed the greedy fakes over Reality. JP Morgan was quoted as saying, ‘We cannot allow free energy, because we cannot put a price tag on it”. Dept. of education even professes that free energy isn’t possible, just as they try to deceive us into believing in other lies – about history and the ‘good’ effects that sodium fluoride has on us.

We must never take a person’s lineage into consideration when evaluating character. All people come from tribes that held onto Sacred and Real Spiritualties – ALL OF THEM have some great Minds and Hearts. But through the dark ages of destruction, holocausts, and colonization, most all of them have been cherry picked with information that puts people into delusions – far from Reality and into the pits of fear, condemnation, judgment, and guilt. Nothing like what the great Prophets Taught us.

The question of which religion to choose baffles me – I just can’t identify with only one of the pieces of the puzzle and ignore the rest, that’s dumb and doesn’t resonate in my mind. Most religions have authentic tribal roots, but have changed to fit an agenda that is opposite from what the Prophet were saying. Information of Truth is cherry picked, and stories of a promised Paradise is the lure although fear of not taking the lure is heavy.. HELL! I always despised that!

If we have to choose a religion instead of following the Good way of all Prophets and Teachings – I just can’t be a part of that fake, fragmented world. When hospitals, schools, marriage certificates, etc make me choose a religion so they can record it – ugh.. I say I’m red words Christian because most Bibles show Christ’s words in red, the rest of the words are black. I was raised to Respect all of Life in a non-religious although God / Creation Loving family. Spirituality was a personal thing to most people, it wasn’t yelled on street corners or demanded choices and explanations.

I know that I’m not alone in this, I live amongst you all – I talk to people about things all the time and I know that most people ascribe to certain beliefs because they’re afraid to not! They think they’ll go to hell if they don’t. They’re actually AFRAID of any other Spiritual Knowledge that may be outside of their tiny glass box. The Truths from all of our Ancestors will shatter that box now – all are coming together and people are figuring out that only their information is what’s relevant right now. I see so many negative, greedy and egotistical things going on in all zip codes, cultures, tribes, churches, mosques etc. that horrify me! We all know this, that all places and people have less than perfect qualities. Funny thing is – as Prophets taught us – is that when we look at the pollution in others, we don’t see ourselves. We are mostly taught to be sociopaths. We learn how to be good corporate slaves and how to lock ourselves the little boxes that we are stuffed into – so strongly that a good percentage of our people don’t even know how to water a plant, cook an egg, plant a seed, collaboration, meditation / prayer – ALL OF THE THINGS THAT WE SHOULD KNOW AS HUMAN BEINGS ON A PLANET. Most people are depressed when living so far from the True ways of Life. Life these days is like a circus with funny mirrors – backwards and not as God planned.

We have been swept up from our Native Roots, survived through dark ages and lost most of our ‘instructions’ to live on Mother Earth. We must have a Strong and Healthy host to live on and be safe! That’s what all of the Spiritual Masters taught us! No True Spiritual teaching ever said that it is ok to harm your bodies and planetary host’s beings! NONE. And why people ascribe to certain religions that don’t advocate for this simple Truth baffles me – except I know they fear hell. Hell, I believe, is reserved for those people who steal Spiritualties, colonize over lands that require mass atrocities and murder, cause pollution and poisonous planet, etc. The bible even says, at the end – that whoever turns this Knowledge of Light into a book of darkness will be the ones in hell – SOMEHOW THE CONQUORERS AND THIEVES MADE IT APPEAR AS IF IT ISN’T THEM, but us slaves who try so hard to ‘be good’ and comply with the way things have been altered! Wow! People forgot to notice that Jesus was a gnostic Jew and Rome stole it from them! Just like what happened to all the Natives here in the Americas and other continents. Cancer on Earth and the ‘disease in minds and hearts’ started long before America was colonized. Immigrating to owned territories can be peaceful – it can be healthy and not require death and destruction in the process.

Actually, that’s what the peaceful immigrants do, as they have to escape crazy baby bombing and genocide in their hometowns.

Most of what we see on the corporate cherry picked (main stream media – MSM) ‘news’ and religions are only about 00.00000001% of true information, there’s a world FULL OF FAR GREATER and important facts that you will NEVER see from MSM or any media that is connected to corporate and government interests… government, military etc. They are all just cherry picked bits of information and full of clever psychologically twisted marketing and propaganda and lies – designed to keep you buying and working to buy more, and to think you’re small, lonely, and born to pay rent and taxes while you must drive expensive cars and your all the better of a human if you live in a mansion on a hill. Psychological programing designed to keep you in that glass box as it gets smaller and smaller – until you don’t fit anymore and yearn to shatter the glass and live as a truly free being.

We become uncomfortable as our options for true life, choices, clean resources, and freedoms dwindle away. We get tired and grumpy and confused because we are living so far from what our human basic needs consist of. God gave it all to us, and now it’s backwards. People have stolen under their supposedly God given right – and we now have to pay just to survive! We get depressed and angry, then they tell us to take a pill. The pills just dull your emotions and make you truly chemically induced into worse feelings. I know, I did that route recently, I tried to be free of the depression that is the result of a life full of suffering in this first world war.

The True way is barter, all of our Ancestors lived that way and life was great, a pure vacation! Stories of how life was healthy, no taxes or money, long lifetimes, children / people behaved mostly. Hunting was easier, there’s stories of how people could close their eyes as they shoot an arrow in the sky, sure to hit at least one target of prey. Life was Peaceful and many of the Native cultures here in America and on all continents still hold onto the instructions and Magic to make life Peaceful for all of us again – we can do it! It all starts in our sharply focused Minds and Hearts, and we have to do is be unified with Love and Forgiveness. In the beginning and end, we only have ourselves, each other and our Prayers. We must let go of our stinking shadow egos and the sick ways that we have been trained to think. The divisions and condemnation to all others is truly a sickness. Too many people just want to show themselves – now is the time to show each other, no more bragging about what we are or can do well, PROVE it – do it and stop talking so much about yourselves, as if ‘you are’ better than the rest. Listen to the world and Wisdom around you, research it like a thirsty lion and find the threads of Truth that are all aligned, know the shadow over Substance. Know when your reading pure bull crap – or thirst quenching Truths – not Truths peppered with ignorance.

I just really am asking for all people who are able to, to listen to Chief Arvol’s words with an open Heart, he is Teaching from his Heart, no shadow ego – for his people and ours – it’s an untainted Prophesy and we’re lucky still remains 100% intact. Even through genocide to their people – one that caused more death and destruction than Hitler, Germany. They hold onto a Sacred Canupa, a Sacred object that is protected by God! They have the untainted Knowledge that was ripped off from most of our people long ago. We need to not be oppressed and depressed anymore – we must unify in our Hearts and Minds – let go of false identities and religious beliefs that divide us. Be open minded and not ignorant of what’s actually healthy and freeing of pollutions in our minds, bodies, and environment. I am a struggling single mom – BUT I’M NOT ASKING YOU TO TAKE OUT A CREDIT CARD! Just a promise to yourself to gain knowledge about who you are as a Human Being, but find it in the right places – and I promise, your life will be worth a lot more! I will help guide to other people who I also have seen as True and Pure Medicine People, Journalists, Wisdom Keepers, Artists, Engineers, etc. – from all over the world.

The place that I’d like to guide your minds and Hearts to right now is South Dakota, the Cheyanne river – there is massive upheaval right now. The destruction machine has pretty much taken their entire livelihoods and rendered their lands endangered and toxic. This is the way of the death machine, they did in similar ways to all of our families, only a few tribes in the world are left alone, but that’s changing fast as technology allows – some get a fast kill, some slow kill (like the reason for chem-trails, polluted and gmo foods/drinks, sodium fluoride, ‘soft’ drinks, etc. We live a very polluted way of life and it’s not individually any of our faults. Well… it is when we KNOW and just sit complacently and do nothing.

I want to ask everyone to answer one question with your best ideas on how to bring health and purity to our dis-eased bodies and planet. Please help because this is important. Be a part of the reason that you’ll have the ability to grow older, graduate or get married, have children or see your children grow: for all of that, we NEED clean resources. Be a part of the effort in saving the babies – unborn and up, from the looming destruction – the massive effects of abuse to our entire planetary body. Our planet is a living organism that has cancer, it was Prophesied by all Ancestors – and they all say that it’s exciting to be happening as we are alive right now, that the apocalypse is NOTHING LIKE THE FALSE RELIGIONS lie about, it’s not damning to us, it’s Peace and Healing for all of us, as we evolve into more Magical and highly perceptive beings – who will be TRULY FREE and not bombarded with disease and destruction from every corner. This is the time where we evolve into more Enlightened Human Beings and out of dark age thinking / low consciousness. We must now become Peaceful and clean of all past ‘sins’. NOW is the time, this moment – each positive thought / Prayer united in this Mission is desperately needed. Don’t be afraid to pray because of the fear of religious dogmas – prayer was hijacked and made to seem very starched and fear based. As if praying to a man only.. asking and without any instructions on how to Manifest – no visualizations, or relaxing the mind rituals, or drumming to induce brain (our pineal and pituitary) glands to do the job of harmonizing the body with feel good hormones, no body movements or brain exercises. No synchronicity with Creation, no real traditions, only corporate made holidays. Times and dates of the Prophet changed to fit their agendas, all is fake. The hard way to pray consists of just words to a fear mongering God as they are always asking for things – few people express Gratitude and ask for Peace for all People on Earth, only THEMSELVES or their own group. Well, this is NOT the Native way of our true ancestors. We MUST be in the right mind and centered within the resonance of Nature in order to truly send out a Prayer as Magic – from ego or greed, it never works (NEVER!). Even the Tarot has Sacred roots and is a Gift when read with the Right Mind to want to expand as we understand how our Ancestors were teaching Virtues vs. ignorance / greed.

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