Papers On Free Energy

February 11, 2018

When using a high frequency capacitance – purple light, a certain threshold frequency of electro-static light builds up between the anode (energy flowing into the centripetal vortex from the outside) and cathode (energy flowing from the inside towards the centrifugal divergent edge). Energy constantly flows like this in any form, body, machine etc. The centrifugal divergent edge vs. the centripetal convergence point or vortex is a must have in anything that runs on ‘energy’, which is everything. All things are made of ‘energy’ and work with exact same principles. The highest flux density is always at the centripetal center (eye of the storm) and flows in the shape of a torus. We live in this force-field called the matrix, creation, planet, solar system: from the macro objects in space to the micro objects inside of our planetary and physical bodies makeup. – We cannot escape these laws and should follow them accordingly when creating ‘energy’ of any kind for our human purposes (not fossil fuels!). Mother Nature is simple, works with 2 major principles – force and motion & inertia & acceleration: resistance, capacitance, permeability, magnetism, permittivity, electricity. Any other lower frequency light / color will not work. Only a high capacitance light against black will work, since white reflects light. White light reflects any color; it halts and breaks the force. As seen in this video, force is broken on the divergent edges. This higher frequency lights are purple and black which just means they have the highest capacitance and so is very important to know this when applying to your inventions, don’t use white, red, green or even blue, the waves are too long, low flux. Between the inner and outer (anode and cathode) is buildup electrostatic energy that is forced to discharge against the medium. It’s an explosive force, small although detectable and useful; it’s forced repulsion against inertia aka magnetic repulsion. Why do we use fossil fuels? Why are we so poor and broken on Earth? We never had to be, Tesla understood all of this clearly and tried to free humanity and the pollution building on the planet to his dying breath. What humanity allows and does ignorantly is so angering ..we are far smarter than that these days, we don’t have to rip up our planet when it’s more than possible to have pure, clean technology! Manage the machinery of the human body with electrical, magnetic energies of course work the same. all things are this!

This video explains what I have been talking about.


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