Aliens have been involved with humanity pretty much as long as humanity has been around. Ancient civilizations considered them Gods, Angels, Saviors and friends; and evil devils, demons, monsters and the enemy. There are records throughout the world saying the Gods came down from the stars or Heaven. This is not saying there isn’t a supreme God, Being, Intelligence or Consciousness, because there is.

What you are going to find in a lot of cases with ancient Gods is that they were either reptilian or alien looking, were giants and had a pursue or electrical looking devise they wore or carried, and a lot of them were Blue Eyed Gods when the civilizations were brown eyed. And this was all over the World.  So where ud these Gods come from? You’re invited to explore all this.

On the left you will find 5 of the most common types of Aliens. On the right you will find some of the ancient civilizations that talk about experiences with beings from above, or from the stars. And below you will find accounts or experiences with them. Click the Evidence button below to see the artifacts that have been found showing ancient civilizations must have witnessed aliens. 

One other thing I Highly Highly recommend, is watching this video below of Alex Collier who has had contact with Aliens from the Andromeda Constellation since he was 5-8 years old. The video is Full of Truths and has several profound statements that will change how you think. He explains what has happened on Earth, what is currently happening and the Destiny of Humanity. There is so much in this video I can’t even begin to cover it all. All I can say is watch it. It ties a lot of the other information on this page together.

This is probably the best video ever to show you the truth about aliens. It’s by Alex Collier who has been in contact with aliens from the Andromeda Constellation since he was 5-8 years old.  There is so much infornation in this video I cen’t begin to start. Just know that it will leave you with a totally different outlook on life. Make sure to click full screen mode when you watch this since it’s so small in this column.

UFO Books

Here are a couple extensive lists of UFO books

This is the older list.

And this is his newer list.

Here are video’s of accounts with UFO’s & ET’s.

Below are many written witness accounts and testimonies.

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