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I’m not going to list all the Ancient Civilizations there were in this article. That is not the point of this section. The reason I’m doing this is to show the history of Humanity that we are being told is not right. And there is a agenda and reason for this happening. So hang on and get ready to have your eyes opened if they aren’t already. And even you think your eyes are already open, you might want to give it all a quick look. Especially the second half. Because most People who think they are aware of our True History, aren’t.


Official Timeline According To The Experts

So let’s get started. When you google “Ancient Civilization Map,” this is what you get.



Notice the top map shows early civilizations, and the second one right above here, shows the earliest civilizations according to the experts. And according to the experts, we were all cave men during the Stone Age, or we were somewhere between monkey and people before 3,000 B.C. We weren’t really intelligent until the Sumerians who are considered the “Cradle of Civilization.” I believe there is plenty of evidence showing that’s not true and it’s being ignored because it doesn’t fit into their historical theories. So let’s look at their evidence and then look at the other evidence and you can decide for yourself.

Google “list of ancient civilizations“. The first listing you see at google is for ancient civilizations is the Encyclopedia Britannica. Here’s the link.


The first two listings you see there are below.

 are both stone age. And if you go to the next one on the list which is

you find this is the period between stone age and the bronze age. If you click the link it says respectively that the stone age and bronze age lasted “7000–3000 bc and about 3000–1000 bc.” So the bronze age which started between 3,000-1,000 bc is when we became civilized according to them.

Now if you go back to google and go down to the “Timeline of Ancient History” Wiki article on your google search, you’ll find it basically says the same thing. With it saying the bronze age started in 3,300 bc. I downloaded the pdf file for their timeline below.

Timeline of ancient history You can download the same pdf from here.

And if you go to this site, you’ll see they are teaching the same thing to our Children.

So the experts say there were no ancient civilizations before 3,000-3,300 bc.

The Other Timeline They Try To Coverup

Now let’s look and see if their timeline true. Maybe you should ask yourself what civilization means. For me it is when people started making huge buildings out of stone that still stand. To build these buildings, they would have had to be intelligent and organized. They would have had to have gone beyond being hunter gatherers just trying to survive. And they surely would have built themselves some kind of structure they were living in before deciding to build these structures. This means they would have had cities. And in order to have time to build these huge stone structures they must have had agriculture and didn’t have to hunt and gather all day to survive. And they must have been able to plan these structures, which means they could write or draw, and communicate with each other and be organized enough to build these structures. One person could not build them. So when they started building these huge stone structures that stand to this day, they were civilized. So let’s look and see when they started doing this.

If you google “Sumerian civilization timeline,” the first result says “The City of Eridu is founded.” in “5,400” bc. Ok that’s about 2,000 years Before the experts say civilization started, which was 3,300-3,000bc. Right off the bat you see they are contradicting themselves by a Huge margin. Is there more? Let’s see.

Now google “Gobekli Tepe timeline” The first result from the Ancient History Encyclopedia says it “is the oldest man-made place of worship yet discovered, dating back to 10,000 BCE.” And if you look to the right on that page it says 11,000 bc. Now we have a 7,000-8,000 year difference from what the experts said. So using their own statements, it’s easy to prove we are being lied to.

And it’s interesting to note that there are thousands and thousands of Dolmen structures all over the world that they say are older than their 3,000-3,300 timeline. Look at this article from Wiki. They say some date back 7,000 years ago. Wiki also has this page that lists 15 structures that are older than their 3,000 year timeline too. This page also lists structures older than the 3,300 year timeline.


So is there anything else showing intelligent life existed before the 3,000-3,300 timeline. Sure is and they go waaay back further. Here’s 9,000 year old stone masks. Here’s the earliest musical instruments found which are 42,000-43,000 years old. There are plenty of artifacts showing intelligent humans existed millions of years ago. Even hundreds of millions of years ago. But these discoveries are being completely ignored by main stream science since it completely destroys their theories about Human history. Check out this page.

10 Common Traits In Ancient History

There are some other things that show their theories about our history is wrong. If humanity evolved like science says, there would be a central location where Humanity started from and then spread out to the rest of the world from there. You wouldn’t see the same thing happening around the world at the same time, unless their theories are wrong. But that’s exactly what we see. We see 10 things ancient civilizations had in common. How can that be if they are the cradle of civilization? Check out this link and see for yourself. All this would be impossible if the story about our history is right.


Even More To Our History

There is even more to our history than all of this. What I’ve shown so far is what is pretty much confirmed and admitted by science. There is another whole layer to our history that hardly anyone discusses. And that’s the history “legends and myths” present. This information is being taken down constantly  on YouTube. It’s been taken down at least 3 times in the last 4-5 months, but People keep putting it back up thank God. The reason it keeps get taken down might be because it’s copyrighted, but I have a feeling it’s more than that. I down loaded them all once I saw they were being taken down. If you’ve made it this far and want to see it, I will upload them to this site and just not name them properly so they stay here. So just just use the Contact Us form and ask me to put them up, if you want to go waaaaay back in our history. Once you see this evidence, you will see the big picture and everything falls in place. I’m posting the link to the first video (there are 3) in this series so you can watch it, and let’s see how long it stays up. Today is April 5th, 2017.

Humans & Dinosaurs

 Another inconvenient truth for the story we’re being told about our history, is that there are drawings on cave walls and artifacts showing humans interacting with dinosaurs. You can see for yourself right here. And we have human foot prints by dinosaurs in stone. All this throws their history off my millions of years. There are cave drawings showing humans wearing clothes that are 20,000-30,000 years old. So clearly we are being lied to.


So Why?


The big question I would think for everyone is Why are they trying to hide our True History? The answer is, because it shows what our True Nature is, and that there are people in positions of power who are trying to control everyone’s perception for their own gain. If People knew their True Nature, there would be Peace on Earth and no need for these people who allegedly represent us and know what’s best for us. If people knew they have been manipulating and using Humanity for their gain for thousands of years, these people would probably be swinging from light poles within hours.

The bottom line is we have been lied to for thousands of years now. We had Great civilizations a long time before science admits. These People were a Lot more Spiritual than we are today and didn’t need to rely on technology. They had all they needed without it. Now technology has surpassed our Spirituality. And it looks like this is a recipe for doom if it isn’t changed. Quantum Mechanics has proven just by us observing reality, we change it. What does that say? We can change reality on our own. And the works of Bruce Lipton has proven we can change our body and others around us by our perception of reality. We can even change our DNA by our perception. Watch this video. What does that say? We are not victims of Nature and our genes like science says. WE are in control of reality. WE are co-creators. And WE can control what our reality is. WE can choose Peace and WE can choose to live in Harmony with Earth and make it better and preserve it for the next generations. And it doesn’t take that many to do this. It has been scientifically proven that if around 10% of the population believe in something, “there is a dramatic decrease in the time taken for the entire population to adopt the committed opinion.Here is an article talking about that study. And I know for a fact that waaay more than 10% of the population want Peace on Earth, and to live in Harmony with Nature and preserve the World and even make it better for the next generations. The Only thing that needs to be done is show the Real Reality we live in to everyone, and the rest will take care of itself. We don’t have to march in the streets, overthrow any government, go to war or have any shots fired. All we really have to do is get everyone who wants Peace, to perceive or believe it has already happened. Game over, and the insanity ends. So I hope you want to join in this endeavor. The People of the World are already demanding change. They know we are being lied to and taken advantage of. All we have to do is open their eyes to the real solution and it will happen.


You might want to watch these video’s too on forbidden archaeology. These video’s show further examples we are being deceived about our true history.




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