Artificial Intelligence

November 16, 2017

I didn’t really believe all the stories about artificial intelligence (AI) taking over the world until lately. Have you noticed all of the news about artificial intelligence and robotics, including some things that sound like absolutely terrible ideas? Now Saudi Arabia has granted the first citizenship to a robot. And if that wasn’t enough, an ex-executive for Google has registered the first church of AI with the IRS. And Ford has been rolling out robotic exoskeletons for their workers in an attempt to battle human weakness. We’re handing over superior strength, agility, and endurance to non-humans. Does anybody else see anything wrong with this? If not, we have this other “inventor” who invented AI that has “all the characteristic symptoms of mental illness, hallucinations, attention deficit and mania.” And on the other “the other, we have reduced cognitive flow and depression.

Watch this embarrassing moment when an AI says she will destroy humans.

If you don’t see the potential for all this to possibly go wrong or it possibly being a mistake, someone who is on the cutting edge of this technology does. Watch this video.

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