Bio-psychology / Brain Masculine vs. Feminine

June 4, 2017

Left brain, Right brain – Brains:
All brains are different in structure but work in same synchronization of chemical reactions, structures, neurons, etc. Male and Female brains are very different. Most doctors can look at a brain and instantly recognize the owner’s gender. They’re the same but work differently, the most noticeable difference is the size, male brains are bigger (as with all things male). One example of why females tend to think faster and males tend to think more focused lies in the structures that connect hemispheres; female brains have super myelinated neuronal sheets zooming around from lobe to lobe. Freeways of synaptic connections at micro speed. Male brains have a lot more gray neurons – and larger hippocampus. Gray neurons are more focused but slower synapses. Of course all brains work similarly – but differently. When we develop our social skills, we learn how to collaborate and bring the synchronization of our male / female understandings – to create a harmonious union. Although first we contend with our own brains – The left and the right: once again, another male / female concept, it is the most vital concept to understand, the interaction of positive / negative opposing polarities inside all things.
Left is the masculine hemisphere that sees detail and analyzes. Masculine brings details and structure to the abstract, hand/eye coordination for hunting, etc.  Right is the feminine side, controls the left side of the body. People have very little control over their left side / right brain – until the hemispheres are harmonized. This is a problem, the female receptive side is repressed through the levels of reality at this time. We see the imbalance on all levels inside and outside the cosms..micro/macro. Female is nurturing and abstract; emotional and capable bringing the thought into the subconscious (clay). There is an aspect within the brain that is also feminine and connected to intuition, right or wrong thoughts are passed on but the feeling or wrongness or right sits in the heart – our intuition knows when a choice isn’t for our Higher Good. If a choice is hurting our current reality, we know it – deep down. Purification helps us to understand these different parts of what’s going on inside of our minds so that we can use them to guide us positively, without confusion and counter-productiveness.

As the human begins to ‘wake up’, perceptions become clearer and the living dream becomes lucid. You can see how you manifested everything coming at you in the present moment as a culmination of all thoughts, that were planted into your manifest clay world and begin to ‘control’ the wild thoughts (allegorically in Metaphysics, the untamed lion is represented as (Strength Arcanum V). The Angel tames the lion, both are different parts within us, the angel is our Devine and eternal connection and can tame the lion that wants to rip everything and everyone alive, the lion is connected to that serpent energy of course.

Speaking of serpents, visualize each hemisphere as an allegorical two snakes intertwining like DNA. One is pink, pregnant and beautiful with long eyelashes – other is masculine with huge physical strength, handsome – both intensely aware and alert. It’s a silly thing to visualize sometimes in these ways but it works in getting the two to harmonize and collaborate for the mission – of serving you the master.  We are raising Kundalini energy, this means there are not only the reptilian brain centers being focused on, it’s all components that take part in the thought, rationalization, and decision process. All chakras, especially the lower chakras must be cleansed / Purified of blocks and disruptions in the energetic flow. The spine is where these energies connect, literally like a caduceus – a passage in the spine in the center and one on each side, it’s there in your spine and will be used as a channel for the rising of Kundalini when it’s time. When the snakes dance in harmony (left brain and right brain in perfect collaboration), we then achieve what we came here to the clay to learn – collaboration, harmonization and loving ourselves, our bodies, homes, planet and all things that we’re connected to in Creation. Only after achieving this can we fully Love others and pour the waters of Healing for them to reach a state of health and evolve Spiritually also.

Love for fellow humans is vital in order to Ascend, for the viaticum to fill our cells. Viaticum is the nectar like substance that infuses, it’s the result of fused Kundalini with the opened pineal gland (Philosophers stone). First, we learn to deal with, care for, and Love ourselves – focus on your Good qualities and they will grow – atoms combine and become what you focus on and put feelings into. Love your vehicle / your house, temple, machinery to survive in the clay. Realize those things that you don’t like and refine those qualities through Purification, easy. Don’t think / express or ruminate endlessly about how bad life is, the heart hurts and so does the energy manifest around in environment. When we do this, we must take a break, we are only bringing more painful manifestation through the inner tantrums. This is a heavy energy we try to survive in these days, such an imbalance in masculine and feminine .. and all things related. Just as anything in nature – all things are made of opposing forces that enhance and illuminate thought into reality (atoms / clay).

Occultists talk about a seed atom, in our hearts. Connected to a silver thread in our upper spine – upon death, that silver cord is cut and the only atom taken into the next realm, is the one atom that has been you since the beginning of your existence. Imprinted are all thoughts, which show all manifestations ..feelings – all experiences. It’s why some people remember past lives and we all utilize past lives experiences. This may not be an across the board theory, I realize some believe differently – but am describing the common thoughts of Metaphysicians and especially the Arcane Rosicrucian Wisdom. All Wisdoms hold common threads that are important to focus on – as it’s also important to know the differences to get a full view of the different points of view / dilemmas / debates in metaphysical, spiritual or religious concepts. Don’t listen to those people who post web pages telling that male and female brains are the same in all ways ..they are so wrong, this is just normal Bio Psychology intro level.

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