Cutting Through BS

March 22, 2017

  I want to explain before getting started on these projects, because I don’t want to use flashy words and ways to grab people’s attention that are annoying marketing strategies. I think we’re all tired of being marketed to!

  Being pregnant at 28, I was left with tons of time and no stress – cared for like a princess by Khoi (the kid’s Father). I was bored and didn’t like TV or games and those stressful kinds of things much, so I looked in to Metaphysics lessons. My interest has always been the study of Nature and who I am as a part of it, who we are and what our Purpose is? I found the ancient sciences as very interesting and scientific, I wondered why it would be obsolete – seems timeless.

  Intense curiosity has put me many precarious situations, and also some truly exciting times of discovery. Metaphysics was so super easy that it seemed like the BS ..was bs. So, I looked further and studied different philosophies, sciences, and Native Tribal Teachings. I really love them all, and they all say the same things only in different ways.

  We all are Native Human Beings, we all came from different Earth tribes. The European killing machine scorched most of our people’s entire cultures. The dark forces created a killing machine that took out each of our cultures, one at a time. There are pictures in historical books that show all of our Celt Ancestors being led into castles, chained together and still with regalia. The compliant few were allowed to live. As the traditional relics were plundered and blood spilled all through the ‘crusades’ – we lost all. Year 1 had a lot to do with Christ – but definitely was not the year He was born. It was the year that Rome’s military turned on it’s own people, mutiny. Killed entire cities and Popes and all officials were replaced. A total blood bath!

  Of course this was an answer to the question that I could never understand is how Rome owns the Spirituality of the gnostic Jews?!!!? Christ didn’t go to Rome – so why would they own that and use that? Don’t they have their own Native Teachings? Now I see, their Natives were killed by the militant forces of darkness as they spread like a cancer on the planet, for 2017 years now!

 Each Native culture has teachings, that are like a mosaic when unified and understood.  It’s sad to see so many of them being misunderstood and taught in wonky ways. People think they understand a tiny fraction and suddenly become teachers and practitioners! Worthy of charging lots of money and claiming big rewards! Ok, I’m burnt on that ..bla. Been working as a reader now as the only way to be dyslexic and able to support my kids alone. It was hard work for more pay than minimum wage, but still not hardly enough that is worth what you have to put out! It’s intense to read a person, if anyone doesn’t believe me, try to look at a stranger and tell them all about who they are, what people around them are about, what will happen in their futures.

  Future is always just really a Soul / God’s Plan for you, AND what your mind is thinking right now. The alert part of your mind that can see images and feel – is magnetic and controls the magnetics we’re made of as we experience ‘life in the clay’.  What you think and visualize is legitimately what you attract into your lives. All of our Ancestors knew it and told us in many ways, their own ways. The timeless Teachings were coded – and the code language is Natural Forces.  They used the Nature around them to describe in metaphors how we must Evolve. To not be stuck in delusions and tricked by dark forces. I felt horrible to give people the ‘crack’ high they wanted in order to hear a psychic say things that they wanted to hear. Once, a lady said sternly to me, as I was telling her the truth, “I don’t want to hear that! I don’t pay you for that!”. She wanted me to lie to her so she could be happy with a false illusion that her future was full of love and happiness, no matter how ignorant she remained. And a large percentage of customers only wanted to hear what made them happy and always was the same thing. They wanted to believe in lies instead of face reality and add Virtues and Responsibility to their lives.

  Reason for capitals on words. In certain cultures, that I’ve loved and studied – words that deserve Honor for a Higher Consciousness are recognized by capitals. power vs. Power.  Lower case is related to the ego/desire world and Capitalized Power would be the energy it takes to save a person or to do Good as your mission in life – to be a Steward on Mother Earth. To pour your waters over the sick and wounded. Water in this sense is emotional satiety. Another example to make clear is strength vs. Strength. You can have the strength to do many things – but it takes Strength from your Heart and Soul to extinguish the silly ego and do what is properly aligned with your Higher Good and Purpose to be alive.

  We all knew before we were born, as we were descending into this world, into the clay – who we are and our Purpose to do in Life. We then become immersed in the subconscious – all of us are attached in our magnetic fields, and feel each other. We feel each other’s pains, to different degrees. Some of us feel pains of others deeply and Empathize and help. Others turn off empathy and close their Hearts, operating with only a heart. When we are all connected, and feel each other – we cannot just worry about ourselves. When we understand that we can’t sit around enjoying steak dinners as babies and kids are starving and dying next door. Right now, sadly, MANY people are living with that mentality. That it’s ok to eat fillet mignon as the kids next door go to bed hungry.

  We’ve become a society where business is life, the more you can take advantage of people – the ‘richer’ you become. And it’s considered intelligent to rip people off. People with the most money are respected. Money is not even really Real on this planet, it’s a token. It has turned into an enslavement tool. It has zero real Value at all. It’s valuable, but not Valuable. It’s nothing but paper – worthless but valued in people’s minds from brainwashing. They even kill over it, their whole thinking processes consumed on how to get more. And it’s all of us who need it to survive, as we live in this huge mall – but too many humans have enough and hoard. They create suffering and use it to enslave you in many ways.

  Even Spirituality has become a business – that’s when its turned into a joke, a very sad one. But now we must become Real again. Know what is important to do in order to be a Human Being again. Our Ancestors told us clearly. Much was obliterated, but there was enough pieces left, that as we figure out each one, we see that they all fit together. All Truths revealed! All Prophesies aligned. You know that Jesus wasn’t in Rome now right? He was a Real Jew, not a Zionist or Khazarian, not a monarch or part of any oligarchy. He was a Real Prophet who came to a Real Tribe – and the tribe was conquered by the Romans. Who then, as they always do, made the Spirituality illegal – murdered ANYONE who would be caught using the Spirituality. And then, after about 300 years, the residing ‘’’pope’’’ declared Christianity as a religion. Cherry picked Truths from the Gnostic tribes – and raped fear of the devil into their Souls.

  Remember how school taught you about the European plagues. The diseases were off the charts, masses dying. Well, did anyone wonder what was happening anywhere else? Because they made it seem like the entire world was under this plague. It was only that tiny place on the globe. In other tribes of the world, Nature was glowing with vitality and they were evolving nicely – LONG lifetimes. No money, no depressions, no cancers, no chemicals in all things, no dying planet – reefs were still alive and water pure – tons of oxygen so nobody got very sick. Because… you have to see it clearly it’s important .. THEIR NATURAL RESOURCES WERE PURE! In proper function and cherished. I find it scary that human consciousness reached such a low that people can’t even see that a sick outside environment is going to cause a sick inside environment. When a host is sick, the cells are sick too.

  All of our Ancestors told us this, as they also told us how to take our Souls into upgrades through this clay, and not descend into vibrations so low that pain is the dominant feeling. Each Tribe, all colors – have given us keys, although let’s not forget. The dark forces also have the keys. Of course, they stole from all our Ancestors, they didn’t only obliterate it from us, they learned the true Magic and tried to do it in their ways. They know everything. They think they’re doing magic as they do ceremonies – but with dark hearts magic can NEVER be done. Only more pain, more darkness. Because those really evil ones, the ‘top’ of the ladder / the deepest rabbit holes have some extremely disturbing rituals that involves pedophilia and baby murders in most terrible ways. They need the blood to be running fear and stress hormones, so they can make their blood drinks and feel the supposed euphoria. These people are cancer and nuclear, anyone who can kill cities full of people are the worst disease that can ever exist on any host.

  Some of our Ancestors knew that the killing machine was coming around, so they put the teachings underground. Alchemy is one of those, and is highly misunderstood. They were not making rocks turn into gold, they are Teachings on how the Human Soul Evolves and how to keep it Pure and know the processes that they must advance through. When your Soul becomes Gold, you Evolve – and are no longer a dead human being, but a Human Being. You actually glow, halo – this is from the energy in your pineal glands being completely opened. A new hormone rejuvenates all cells and your like bran new again, only with intensely heightened perceptions! All of our Ancestors show the way to this everlasting life. It’s all about living your life with Virtues and not run on low desires. Lower desires to achieve a quick fix of dopamine, usually involving sex or narcotics, or lots of money – ALL are lower desires and lock a person away from their Human selves. This is the time now, to learn what your Life is for – and not just get kicked around in the currents of ignorance. Now is the time, ALL end time Prophesies have come to pass from all the cultures – including the Gnostic Jewish .. and White Buffalo, The Hopi, and European.

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