Declaration Of Peace

I, (type your name),voluntary declare of my own free will that:


1. I want to join this awesome mission to achieve World Peace.


2. I am aware Step 1 is for me to join All of Humanity and tell our governments to end the wars now, and tell them to bring the Troops Home and Protect the Earth and Live with the One’s they Love in Peace.

3. I am aware Step 2 is for All of Humanity to come together as one and work with everyone else, where nothing is hidden. This will ensure lasting Peace, since everyone is helping everyone else solve All the problems of the World and No One is left out. If We eliminate the need for war, it will die its deserving death.

4. I also realize the mission of Team Peace is only Step 1, to end the wars. If after this mission is complete, and Humanity wants to use the resources Team Peace has created in Step 1, they can. But the resources of Team Peace can Never be used to control or tell Humanity how to live. These resources can only be used as a conduit to solve the problems of the World. It is up to Humanity to stand on its own now, and lead itself. This will be the dawn of a new age where war is not an option in Anyone’s mind Any more. There is Always a solution, because We are One now.

5. I also pledge I will do my Best to turn my Life, Community and World into a Peaceful place.




Signed Below

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Agreed on this date

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I also guarantee I am not a great white shark by providing my email address, which will Never be sold or used for Any other purpose by Team Peace without your consent. [Primaryswift_date_long].


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