Declaration Of Peace

I, (type your name), agree to join this awesome mission to end all wars, and work towards World Peace:

When the course of Humanity has matured to where it realizes wars are no longer wanted, we must dissolve what chains us to this obsolete understanding. Humanity has let our “leaders” and “authorities” determine our beliefs and values for far too long. We must turn our attention away from consumerism and materialism, the competition and conflict, and away from the fears created by continual wars, including the “war or terror,” the “war on drugs,” and reassert our inner knowledge and courage to stand for truth and justice and of a higher and grander vision to create a better World.


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Humanity is one and created equal, and that we are born with Rights that can never be taken away. Among these Rights is the Right to Self-Determination, Freedom, to Life, Happiness and to live in Peace with the ones we Love. To keep these Rights, Humanity must take responsibility to protect them from anyone or thing that may try to abuse or take them away. When any government tries to abuse or destroy these Rights, it is the Right of the People to stand up against it and if need be, alter or abolish such government and create a new one based on the Principles and Organization the People feel is most likely to ensure their Safety, Freedom, Peace and Well Being. When a government fails to develop with Humanity, it is Humanity’s right and duty to stand up against such government. Such is the case now where Humanity has suffered far too long under the government belief that wars create Peace and that they are needed. Humanity does not believe this any more, and believes we can live in Peace. 


Therefore, I voluntary declare of my own free will that: 


I am uniting with the rest of Humanity to end all wars, so we can work towards World Peace. 


I want all wars to end now; and for our Troops to come Home and Live with and Protect the Earth and the One’s they Love.


I will do my Best to turn my Life, Community and World into a Peaceful place.

Signed and agreed on this .

Addendum A:

I also warrant I am not a great white shark. Primary Email:

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