Explanation of Charts

Description of the math: There is no beginning with a number zero, it doesn’t make any sense. The numbers always start at 1 and end with 9. There are 4 progressions of numbers that break down 1 – 9. Add all numbers together and the pattern is easy to see. Ten is broken down to 1, 360 is broken down to 9, 180 = 9, 90 = 9, 270 = 9. All of the numbers are in exact opposition and are opposite polarities. Polarities such as north and south, east and west. Light from the sun is masculine and the reflection is feminine. ALL things from Nature consist of a perfect balance of opposite polarities. The numbers stand for frequencies, they can be translated to colors, sounds, language, etc. Any energy generator such as batteries, or pyramids – must have perfect balance of opposite polarities. These numbers are like a recipe, to make things in perfect balance with Nature / God. Because Creation is us, we resonate with All that Is. I like to start with 360 being at the right because it is where the sun rises. The energy from all directions is different, they are opposite polarities. The sun sets in the west, watery – rises in the East, fiery. Lower vibrations are red, as they raise in frequencies – they become hotter, and higher in pitch. Purple is the high vibration of color – White is the highest. White comes from the north /above and descends into the bottom left and right corners. Black comes from the south / below, ascends into top left and right and corners.

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