Explanation Of Why #TeamPeace Was Formed

We are meeting at this moment of time when the planet is deep in sicknesses and so are the people and all other living beings on ‘it’. Not only is the biological system failing (ecological, physical systems of life), but so are all other systems. 1. Nature (Creator, Nature, God etc.) and 2. Systems created by humans; all are failing, as we can see by the state of affairs at the moment. It would take a person of extreme blindness to not know that sickness is spreading fast and furiously on planet Earth, and an extreme danger to all living beings within. We are a species, living as a network with numerous others inter-dependently.
The health of all parts of any system is of extreme importance for the whole, with each part that becomes weak with dis-ease or dysfunction, so is the whole that much weakened. Our bodies are a whole; although we are only a small part of the Earth – which is a whole, but only a part of a solar system, etc. from the micro-cosmic to macro-cosmic of all things in existence. Each is a part of a whole, and each is imperative as a working force to the whole – to do a task while alive. All biological bodies are working parts within the whole – and each body is a part of it, along with its instructions which are talents and passions, that fulfill their part of the system they live on and within. Each is like a ‘cog’ in the great intricate web of life. Part of mission of World Peace is for all people to see their parts within the whole – of where they are living, and give their best to healing their own spheres of influence. If only everybody could see the abundance of life and health in its fullest forces rather than a weak state of imbalance.
It is now November 15th, 2017 and times are getting tough for everyone. Taxes and living essentials are quickly rising as the value of money is on a constant downward slope. People who were just barely getting by are now falling short. That’s why the homeless camps are growing rapidly in every city. The poor are being cut out and those who previously had a freedom of spending powers are finding that they have to cut back and work more for mere survival. There is also a pervasive undertone of lower consciousness tugs into addictions, those things that keep us from our mission of being Steward/esses on our planet. These are things that keep people toiling away as they are expending loads of time and energy on only self-serving things. A lot of money and time is spent on trying to satiate our immediate desires for gratification but have no value to a Higher Purpose of living as a valuable person to their planet. Some people desire really painful things (dark), much of their time and energy is used up on obtaining those gratifications. A cannibal and/or pedophile would be an example of a ‘tar pit’ addiction where existence is all about feeding into a lower desire nature – a dark carnal ‘need’ (it usually freaks people out to be around super dark, low energetic forces). When people are valuable to their ‘sphere of life’, or planet – their time and energy is spent on things that bring health, as they seek to bring healing (happy, fun, loving, positive) to life – rather than the opposite. People who can put out seeds of love from a compassionate heart to the world around them are very valuable, they bring more smiles than tears :), we all love them and love to be with and around them; they add to our existence rather than the opposite. Valuable people live as ‘cells’ or living beings on a body that are doing their jobs rather than at war. Right now, if the body of the planet was observed and seen similarly to our bodies (that are made by ‘it’), the body no longer has a strong filtration system; it seems like kidney and lymphatic disease. The lungs are dying more and more daily, as oxygen on this planet HAS to be at an all-time low – which fosters disease organisms that love acidic environments. Oxygen rich environments cannot support cancerous cells, it’s a fact that cannot be ignored when focusing on the health of our world and bodies. A low PH in the atmosphere and biosphere is a perfect breeding ground for pathogens – inside as well at outside of our individual bodies, we are dependent on the health of our forests, deserts, plains, oceans, etc. Right now there are many systems in a ridiculously slow but quick deterioration process. Ridiculously slow it seems but the degradation of our environment has occurred quickly in comparison to all of the generations of life forces on Earth. Another dis-eased are of humanity is the addictions. We all have vices that take energy and time in order for us to satiate desires; we would work hard to get those wants and needs satisfied. Some things are not serving to the health of Mother Earth at all, but self-serving solely, and usually involves some form of energy transference where someone loses or ends up harmed, enslaved, and sometimes people even get pleasure of snuff-films and addictions that involve murder. Their only and best form of dopamine is obtained when someone else is hurting… this is the ultimate ‘tar pit’ of living in low frequency – a jail of pain and torture. We can learn to free ourselves from this place, by avoiding that frequency of pain – the pain that is seeded out from the human is boomeranged back and keeps them in further pain and torment. There is a lot of seduction around us right now. I’ve seen it since I was a kid, the pulls in different directions that have nothing to do with the whole – but just self-satiating and not beneficial whatsoever for the whole. Wasteful of time and energy put into things – there’s two ways to look at things – a lens of monetary value (time is money only because of human enslavement), but also from a Steward/ess point of view – not much energy can be used on healing the planet and life around a person when it’s all stolen and squandered. People who don’t add positively into their spheres are not putting valuable energy into them to grow a higher frequency sphere which is healthy and harmonious. We are always putting out seeds from our minds, hearts, and bodies with each thought and action. They are either harmful, negative frequencies or positive, healthy ones. The seeds ‘planted’ into the matrix of a person’s existence will inevitably grow into positive, harmonic, nurturing manifestations or the opposite, depending on the ‘health’ of the seed. Some music is healing and makes the energy glow with pleasurable vibrations and some contain themes of lustful addictions, etc. Whatever we spend our time and energy on, becomes a part of us and the seeds we plant. Then there’s the politics that keep us locked into political wars, dividing our teams even more. We even divide ourselves over whatever mainstream media or independent beliefs we adhere to, as personal opinions and prejudices create deep divisions among many. There’s religious and spiritual divisions as well as extreme judgment to others on personal artistic tastes – rather than how compassionate towards their world they are. Some people are waking up and they’re noticing the lower frequency behaviors and seeing that it is a place of pain and suffering, they no longer want to continue an existence where pain and suffering is the pervasive force. They are realizing that the whole must be healed, if any part within will be healthy at all. People are tired of violence and wars, tired of the lower frequencies of pain and suffering. This can be seen in the way people aren’t feeding into paid opposition groups and getting riled up over false flags to rush into wars. They (we) want to know the truths about everything as we are serious in finding the solutions to end the sicknesses that has touched humanity and all things touched by humanity.
Sometimes it takes many examples before people can understand the reality of how they are a life force living within a larger life force – many creations of #TeamPeaceare are designed to help people re-connect and become even more of a valuable living force on their planet and within their spheres of influence. Wherever they find themselves, they are always an inter-dependent live within a whole.

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