October 20, 2017

 Live & love every day as if it could be one of your last. For some of my loved ones – it is; very sad to see so many of my friends / family getting so sick. Life is meant to be enjoyed and grow wiser while succeeding to your Life’s Purposes. Holding back on what is fun and happy – just to lament over yester-years is a really counter-productive thing to do. When your getting ready to cross into a new realm, be happy for the life you’ve lived and the lives you’ve touched – there’s no better way to go. I fully intend to – being so close to crossing so many times has shown me that self pity and being depressed and angry is a SUPER hurtful way to live. And as a good friend said, “we all get depressed but aren’t you glad we aren’t depressed all at the same times” Bill Murray. Lift the chin, wipe your eyes and see the happy things in life – there’s so many reasons to smile – authentic things that make life beautiful. We don’t notice them when we are wallowing in tar pits of doom & gloom for far too long. I’m grateful to all of those who pulled me out of mine.

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