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Papers On Free Energy

Papers On Free Energy February 11, 2018 When using a high frequency capacitance – purple light, a certain threshold frequency of electro-static light builds up between the anode (energy flowing into the centripetal vortex from the outside) and cathode (energy flowing...

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We’re One

We're All One November 19, 2017 The same atoms that made the dinosaurs are in us. That's really cool to me. I love the way it nature all magically appears and disappears, and reappears infinitely in patterns and cycles. It's all one cosmic quantum soup in constant...

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – By Gaylen

Artificial Intelligence November 16, 2017 I didn't really believe all the stories about artificial intelligence (AI) taking over the world until lately. Have you noticed all of the news about artificial intelligence and robotics, including some things that sound like...

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Mission Statement – By Kerri

Mission Statement November 5, 2017 TeamPeace is all about collaboration; there are numerous ways to find Peace in our human hearts and minds. Some people see the dire situation of the destruction to our planet logically and some people want to learn Peaceful living...

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Happiness – By Kerri

 Happiness October 20, 2017  Live & love every day as if it could be one of your last. For some of my loved ones - it is; very sad to see so many of my friends / family getting so sick. Life is meant to be enjoyed and grow wiser while succeeding to your Life's...

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