August17, 2017

  What is a mental illness? I have looked in as many ways as possible as I could to find the source of the illness that caused my Biological Mother to attempt murder on her own baby. This lifelong search has left me with some insights and more questions that I’d like to share. There has been no doctor, nurse, professor, web site, book, FMRI, etc. that has proven or located an specific part of the brain that is so afflicted as to cause people to do bad things. Bad things are ‘signs’ of symptoms of mental ‘problems’; bad behaviors. Bad behaviors are parasitic to any life force, that’s why they’re bad. Some will call it ‘dark’, some ‘ignorant’, some ‘mental problems’; it’s all the same – it’s bad habits. Habits that involve either using or mooching off of other peoples gifts and whatever they were endowed with and accumulated since birth. Or habits of a person turning psychological wounds towards themselves, in a way that makes them not do for themselves what they know is healthy and right. Sometimes the psychological wounds cause intense anger, that anger has to be expressed somewhere. Some people know how to turn that anger into beautiful, creative things as they use their past pains and ailments suffered to teach and help as survivors. The stewards/esses that we are meant to be for each other, our families, the lives and entire planetary host that we can’t survive at all without – or if ‘She’ is sick.

  The people who are a parasitic force on others don’t understand that they are dooming their owns selves in the end, they may get a few golden homes, or people to ‘like’ them, or ‘respect’ – but they will never be a true Human Being until they learn to not live as human parasites on a planet. They can no longer convince a victim of theirs, that they are given immunity because they ‘have a mental problem’. There is no ‘mental problem sickness.’ Can someone please tell me what Mother you are more willing to forgive for killing her own newborn? The one with mental problems or the ‘normal’ one. Ok, so the baby is now dead and we can all realize now that someone suffered badly, from the one with ‘mental problems.’ But people will feel sorry for the so called Mom and more energy is spent on that than realizing and helping all who suffer from this evil person. A mental problem is a parasitic person. They ‘know not what they do’, because they’re so ignorant that they are blind. But they do know that they use ‘mental problem’ as a manipulation for excuses as well as drugs – some want the drugs and lots don’t (kids surely don’t).

  Our kids in America are more mental than all other countries, according to the evidence. And they are so mental that most are hopped up on a ‘mental pill.’ Well, medicines are things that target molecules and cells in order to regenerate them back to health. There is no brain area located with sick cells in order to send molecules of medicine to. The ‘medicine’ given for ‘mental problems’ is actually ‘medicine’ to zombify and quiet down anxieties (real endorphins from stress). Are all humans stressed enough to have high levels of cortisal and epinephrine, etc. as it’s constantly running through their systems, keeping the immune systems repressed – depressed, into pits of ‘depression’, ‘mental illness’, for which needs another pill (so they say).

  Why are we so stressed? Because all was stolen from us as people born on a free planet. We all lived freely with our Ancestors since the beggining of human civilizations; that is a debated issue as to how long humans have appeared here on this planet although my point is – we have lived here as homosapiens for a LONG time. None of our ancestors had to live as we do. They did not have to slave in order to have land to live on. They were born somewhere and fending for themsleves and their families and that’s why we are here and not descendents of those who didn’t fight and defend. Many fought and defended but were still ‘taken down’, as I have seen depictions of the European Ancestors – still in their regalia and roped or chained to each other as they were marched into castles. The scorching of the planet has a direct result on the planets inhabitants. Stress and sickness happens when natural balance is upset.

  Some ‘mentally ill’ forces have created a hell on Earth, and there are some of us who are also ‘mentally challenges’ because we are also stressed out and sick – but the nice people will not claim sickness as an excuse to have parasitic bad habits. At some point these nicer people that don’t turn anger outward and on themselves must learn how to express their stresses – in creative ways. Words, pictorials, music, dance, creating beautiful homes and lives – as healing for those psychological wounds that most of us un-doubtfully have. You need to be heard for your Truth, by yourself – for yourself. You need to see what your doing when you say mean things to yourself, think condescending thoughts to yourself about yourself. Are you not eating what is good for you yet loading yourself with things that you know are poisonous (Cheetos, boxed and canned, chemicals, non-naturally occurring hormones, pesticides, genetically altered etc.)

  Anyone notice the air pollution and radiation levels? As the mentally ill who work within the Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organizations and other protection for our tax paying population – have you noticed that they have allowed a TON of proven toxic chemicals to be approved. Only after our old judges and protectors had kept those chemicals illegal, as these mentally ill people shifted jobs from Monsanto – into the ‘high places’ that make decisions concerning our health (all we got). All protective agencies are not to be trusted. Also – realize that the land owners are your masters. The masters make the laws – period. What they want is law. It used to be the British and Spanish fighting for Turtle Island – as they murdered countless Indigenous Turtle Islanders in the same way the Roman armies did to all of our Ancestors as they stole our Ancestral lands – and became land owners.

  My friends and family members own land and I’m not referring to small time us – I’m referring to the ‘higher class’ thieves! The ones that we pay our taxes to. They have all of the control and they are the bosses. They make a grand illusion show but in reality, they are the cause for our stresses – because they stole it all and so we are fighting with each other just to survive. And then we have those small time peasant ignorant ones peppered within our families too – some real parasites. They are manipulation you all people, they are not mentally ill, they are ass holes. They are addicted to behaving ignorantly because they’ve been given immunity with a title. And a pill or more. Just as the ‘dark’ forces that took down us all as free Indigenous families – one at a time, the squeeze down – as they allow a few to live and maintain civilizations, controlled by them – slaves to build new ‘countries’ aka corporations (owned by them).

  Is Karma that thing that makes bad people have bad things to them all the time? Because that’s what some bullshit propaganda has downloaded into the psychological soil. Supposedly, if bad things are happening to a person – it’s because they are being atoned for whatever they did so wrong to others. We all know that this is utter ignorance because we see bad people taking off with all the loot! Later, I will go into the more spiritual explanations and things I’ve been Gifted with, in order to help you find and refine your Gifts. Please contact me if you have any questions and I will answer you in the near future when I go on live. Ask Good questions because I’m ready to give Pure and only the best information to all of you!




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