Team Peace Mission Statement 


The Mission of Team Peace is simple. End the wars so Humanity can work towards World Peace. Humanity sees that war does not achieve Peace, it only stops the killing.

Team Peace believes at least 90% of Humanity simply wants to live in peace with the ones they love. What could 90% of humanity do when they unite together with one purpose? Answer: Anything they want. If 90% of Americans united together to tell the government to end the wars and bring our troops home, that’s what they would do. They would have no choice. The People and governments around the World are no different.

So that’s the Mission of Team Peace. Unite 90% of humanity and tell the governments of the World to end the wars and bring the troops home now.

The only question for you is, Do you want to join this cause? Yes or no. We already know you want to live in Peace just like everyone else you know. Nothing else is involved. What has stopped all the other attempts at Peace is attaching things like religion, politics or other things to the cause. Not here.

Once we get the governments to end the wars and bring the troops home, this Mission is complete. We are not going to try to tell People how to live. If Humanity makes Peace the number one goal in everything they do, it will all work out. There is always a Peaceful solution to every problem.

So if you are willing to unite to do this, Please click here and sign the Declaration Of Peace to join this mission. We have to pass on a better World to the next generation, or there may not be anything to pass on. Then Humanity can work together to pass on a World in Peace where everyone is working towards bettering the World and each other. Our next Mission? Maybe 

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