New Era For Human Enlightenment

Mar 21, 2017

This new era for human enlightenment began on Dec 21, 2012. We are no longer in a dark age of ignorance. All of our brains are beginning to reach a new frequency – we are legitimately evolving. We can now see what we couldn’t before. We see natural resonance and know that it’s Harmony and Peace when aligned perfectly. All this planet is toxic from the ignorance of the past ages. Each age lasts about 2,000 years and thank God that we have exited the worst of age of ignorance. It’s now the Golden Age where the frequencies are higher and more harmonic because of the position of our transmitting generator, the Sun and all of the resonating energies are way more Harmonic now and we can actually think and perceive accurately – center ourselves with the resonance of the stars and star-dust that we are made of. Life in the clay hasn’t been easy, we are just learning how to be Human Beings again, living on Mother Earth with Respect and Love for all! 

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