Purification to Raise Kundalini

May 31, 2017

During Purification – this little serpent in your brain is being disciplined with Love. I’m here to help you with the problems you all face while getting your reptile to behave for you – been there, done that – and now doing it again. I’ve had many wounds in life to heal from, as us all – I’m in this with you! For those doing the mini-purification, I hope your calcifying nicely in your vitriol / fires. Feeling the desires to say things that are non essential to life, so therefore, you should be getting stronger with the energy not wasted. This is just a beginning and we will do it again and again. You can do at your own discretion; I am your Guide, and you are mine and each others. Our next step in our evolution as Human Beings. as humans – we strive for perfection as we are waking up to the reality of our true abilities, we are re-training the serpent in the mind. We must love the serpent – sure we’re burning him/her up inside our selves – along with all other things, allowing the impurities to burn away until what’s left is ashes. The ashes hold all the clay we need to regenerate that part of us only this time with Pure water & air (emotions & thoughts). Think of your serpent mind as this: A snake – you can hold her gently and she’ll still be aware – wondering what this love is, she can become tame enough to be handled and give back love ..I’ve seen it! I know it is possible – a snake can be an awesome friend – we have had pet snakes and now a baby. If we were to treat our friend python the way we treat our own selves.. she would be very afraid and attack. You don’t want your serpent mind to keep attacking – so never attack her/him! She/he is SOOOOOO powerful when allowed to be a glorious serpent – loved and given what’s needed (for body, carnal Desires). But you must train this serpent kindly – she/he can NOT have all things he/she desires. You have a frontal cortex and limbic brain to contend with .. that serpent must be friends and collaborators – loved and given Honor. Also, for those who wish to read this loooooong long song.. keep words to a minimum – communicate wisely, points only. Be nice to your own self – if you’re used to being nice to everyone EXCEPT yourself, you’re in GREAT company! Most of you are empaths (open hearted and in tune with energies, absorbing all), we are so used to being nice and giving to others, for the purpose of seeing happiness and love in their eyes …but don’t give away your happiness and Love – only give what you can afford to do without. Any loan is considered a gift – never expect pay back – that energy is counter-productive ..if they don’t keep up their end of the contract, you know what your dealing with, a second burn is your fault..karma. I’ve often been told that all bad things happening to me is my bad karma, never understood because i wouldn’t even hurt a bug – I can’t! Love people and if i ever screwed anyone, it was a honest mistake and I never meant to! I’m sorry for all pain i’ve caused in this creation to anyone, especially my own kids.. being ignorant and giving all the energy away, letting people use what’s for them – my labors and love, as they go without. Honesty, speaking you Heart ..that’s what this ‘group’ is all about – open up to us here – you’re safe to speak, we will get through this life and be a part of the reason our kids will have a better and more abundant world to evolve and manifest beauty in – a fair balance ..not this massive imbalance in consciousness. If only we could measure the balance vs. imbalance of Spiritual Consciousness – we would likely see, this is a very low time for consciousness in humanity on Earth. We are seeing massive wake ups though, from around the world and in all classes. I’ve even seen some ‘children’ of the elite who are revealing what their evil families are doing – really awesome. That’s why i tend to never judge a person on where they’re from or who their parents are. If i were to do that, I’d have to judge myself.. well, I do – but that’s going to be a thing of the past. This serpent in our brains gets mad easily, lifting the mars energy. When our serpents are flaming angry snake who is striking out constantly – doesn’t understand why his/her master is always telling her NO, and never “yes, i love you – and i will get you what you Desire – patience love, i’ll pet you for now to calm you down. I love you.” Then – and only then, can we know what we/ our ‘reptiles’ truly need ..and Desire. We are all one – all parts within our bodies, minds, and souls – internally and externally in the planet – Universe ..we are a VERY small family – a species capable of creating / manifesting abundantly on a planet – we must do that – calm the serpents ..become friends with, love 100% who you are – and when that serpent strikes ..Pay attention – what pissed her off? There’s the clue ..right there – as to why life hurts – that moment of ‘serpent piss off’ / that’s when thinking needs to STOP – and inner reflection must begin. It’s easy when we’re not wasting time talking or thinking too much – when we’re not putting on a show for others, but actually living our purpose with others ..we can do this – even if your not ready for Purification techniques that we are doing here – I am glad that you’re following along with us – I know that many of you have your own guidance. I’m here for the collaboration and most importantly – for those who would never be able to afford something so vital. I’m giving to you all freely – that what is guarded and taught for high price tags. My Heart wont let me charge you – I try, I suffer in poverty ..but I can’t charge you no matter how bad and expensive this world gets. I’m just hoping that you will give back, by manifesting positive for yourselves and others around – only WHAT YOU CAN give back, no more – no less – Judgement is obtained through experience – we’ve experienced enough by now, unless your reading this and are a small child… although, even a small child has these Truths written in their Hearts – they just need Love with Discipline to tame their wild serpents who love to manipulate to get their desires ..until they learn what they truly Desire – when they know themselves. We must help them to know themselves and what they truly Desire – but first, ourselves – we should of been through this before we had the kids. it’s too bad that we have lost all goodness within the cultures ..traditional methods – then, we would know all of this, would’ve been trained since birth, Loved and taught Higher Consciousness since before birth – now, we are thrown into a shark pit of lower consciousness – and nobody knows what’s Right anymore. That’s sad – but then it is reality. Choosing to not see ignorance and find solutions is ignorant in itself – complacency ..So for now, tame your wild serpent, see how would you handle a snake that was put on your lap. would you scare it, try to kill it – it’s stuck with you, so you better help it and become friends with it. You need it, and it needs you – This is not just metaphysics – it’s all around the board, physics, psychology – We must train all parts of our minds in order to Ascend ..finally – get away from the dark manifestations into more beautiful vibrations ..it’s going to seem the same – only life becomes much easier – more beauty, miracles of healing – a dimensional shift, we can and will do it. Should really figure it out – because there are many things in your body that are related to the reptilian brain – pure energy, Kundalini life forces .. chant ‘Sat nam” ..One God.. One Creator – in Sanskrit – thanks Annette Davidson my right hand woman!Once we get this Sterward/ess / Guidance part down, is that we will be the spirit Guides for the next humans. SOME occultists say the quantum leap will be in the animals and they will develop a frontal lobe and neo-cortex; We will guide them as they learn to control that center of their minds; so that they can create beautiful realities too. Interesting thought here (brings up the thinking dinosaur). it’s been found that cats have a region in their brains similar to humans – that center that rationalizes. Let’s discuss that someday guys – just an idea. Please add pictures and teachings that help you to understand – from your languages and traditions – the collaboration is priceless!

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