The Catholic Church

November 5, 2017

Does anyone still believe that the Vatican is Light & Holy? I never did think that. Especially when I learned about how they stole all things and advocated for evil unto our people in so many ways.

Anyone see the video where the pope was kissing the hands of Zionist Rockefeller in ritual?

I think people should wake up & gain a strong identity in themselves and the true Creation of unconditional Love. Let go of the satanic, limiting dogmas & stop believing that the common man is the ‘bad guy’. We are all a team on the same side.

They are the dark that changes divine books in their favor. Revelations speaks of the place they will be cast into in time. That place that they tell us we’ll go if we don’t pay our tithes and taxes to them. They are blasphemous in the name of God / Creator. They have and are still committing all acts that are opposite of Love and Peace on Earth. Any church with so much power and resources wouldn’t hoard as people suffer. They are pure evil & point the fingers at us as if we are. Blasphemous devils.

But I have no judgement towards our common man who got sucked into the devil worship as they believed the lies that they are worshiping a God that’ll favor them if the obey. They are one facet of dark that hides behind the Light. We can’t let them win, if they do – our kids will have a life of hell on Earth. They’re trying to turn our world into their place (hell) and they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

No more, the evil must stop now as the evil doers are held accountable for generations of crimes to humanity. Evil, sick church that calls everyone else any word they can think of to project their evil unto spiritually advanced civilizations that will never fall so deep into the tar pits of darkness.

There’s more than only these devils. There’s many more groups that practice evil deeds in the name of God. I hope everyone can create Love from their own hearts and drop the idea that any religion will save you.

Just imagine their mentality that says they can commit evil (sin) only to be washed clean by telling a man in garbs who calls himself a priest what s/he did. So they think they have a place in ‘heaven’ but they never will until they can actually lift their hearts and mind without dogmas and fears. The only devil you should fear is them. The evil doers who think they’re God and tell you that you’re unworthy.

Visualize Peace and Love among all of our people, and they will shrivel up like a used snake firework. This is not conspiracy theory. It’s not a theory at all. People have been calling me a witch & I don’t claim to be one, but honestly I’d rather be a witch than a devout Catholic. I feel sorry for those who are so stuck in the dogmas that they lost their own Spiritual independence.

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