An Introduction To The Fundamental Teachings Of Ancient Alchemy And Hermeticism

June 4, 2017

This information was kept secret in ‘mystery schools’ up until now, it’s going to be very expensive these days. The new age world is picking it up and will charge you $$$! You don’t need a class, I’ll give one and one coaching, as will my colleagues. If you want to learn this stuff – DON’T PAY for it, as with ALL other things – to learn the basics, it’s all out there – the same knowledge that everyone has at their fingertips. People will charge a lot just to show you a few of the many arcane Truths. It’s Gods/Creators work – it’s free and you don’t need to pay anything to evolve with the shift of human consciousness. The information has been mined ..for us all – not just the rich and famous.

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