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Our ultimate goal here on this site is World Peace. Nothing else. We are not going to mix anything else like religion or politics with World Peace, because it will exclude some People. We know that at least 90% of All of Humanity simply wants to live in Peace with the ones they Love. It doesn’t matter what nationality, religion or lack thereof, sex, social or financial status. This plan includes All of Humanity since the only question is, Do you want World Peace. It’s simply a yes or no answer like an election. Nothing else is included.

Once enough People unite under this 1 goal (at least 40%?) and say Yes I want World Peace, we can tell the governments of the world that We want the wars to end, so bring our troops home, and they will have to do it if they want to stay in office.

After this is accomplished, we need to teach People what Peace really is. It’s not a peace treaty agreeing to stop killing each other. It’s a choice People make and choose to become. People choosing to live peacefully. This is how to maintain lasting Peace.

Then the world can decide from there how they choose to live their lives. It is not our job to try to tell them how to live their lives. If they live in Peace, it will all work out like it’s meant to be.

Another reason for The Vault is to show the reality we currently live in as best we can, because it’s not what most People think it is. The Vault will be constantly evolving and having new things added since the big picture is complex and ever changing.

The ultimate reality we currently live in is there is a battle between the “leaders” or “elite” of the world and the rest of us. It has been going on for thousands of years. The elite are very sly and sneaky in what they do, and ultimately their plan is to take over the world like they are gods and know what’s best for Humanity and the Earth. They want a world where they control everything and everyone, and have the common People like you and I that are left, to work for and serve them. And they want to reduce the population to around 250 million people on the planet. So this plan is certainly no good for anyone but the elite, and no good for the Earth.

Another goal of The Vault is to show what the problems are, so we can see the solutions and see the steps that must be taken to conquer the plan through Peace.

We are not going to dive into every detail on every topic here in The Vault because it would take years to accumulate the all the information and for you to read, and there isn’t that much time. We need to unite as Brothers and Sisters ASAP while we can. We will give brief descriptions on the topics and point you to where you can read more if you want. The goal here is to show you the most important points, so you will see what must be done, what we are up against and what to expect.

We have divided everything up into 4 categories in The Vault. The Future, Present, Past, Ancient Past. Each category can have any topic from that time period from political to spiritual to science. Once you click 1 of the links below, you will see the current topics for that time period.

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