The purpose for The Vault is to provide evidence proving the reality we Really live in, because it’s not what most People think it is.

For thousands of years People have been lead to believe in the division of leadership and the common people. We have allowed them to project this image and belief on us so it looks like they are privileged, special and above the law in a lot of cases. The reality is, they are supposed to be our servants. They are supposed to be serving us. But through the ages we have allowed them to turn the pyramid side down on us, so we have to do what they say no matter how ridiculous or tyrannical it is. This is something that must be changed if Humanity is to be free and in Peace.

Through the ages they have hidden our true history, reality and nature. Humanity is truly Greater than most imagine. Ancient civilizations have shown they were greater in a lot of ways than our current peak of humanity we are supposed to be living in right now. And now science is confirming this in some ways. In fact quantum physics is showing we are Co-Creators of this reality. This is something we plan on taking advantage of to achieve Peace. The mere fact that we are observing this reality allows us to change it. And quantum physics shows everything is entangled or connected in some way. There really is no separation. We are one with every one and thing. We are one with the Universe and the Universe is one with us. If we align ourselves to this reality, instead of wanting it to align with us, our reality will change. This is another goal of The Vault. To show what our True Nature is, so we can help others to do the same which will change the World. We don’t have to make the change. It will happen on its own, once we are aware of our real Reality.

And lastly, the other goal of The Vault is to show what the problem is, in case you don’t know already. To show what has caused the present condition we live in. Once we see what the cause is, we’ll see what the solution is and the steps that must be taken. Just like a Doctor must know what disease you have in order to cure you. Using this scenario, seeing what disease the world has is not totally necessary as long as the right cure is applied.

We are not going to dive into every detail on any topic here ebcause it would take years for me to accumilate and for you to read. So this is not going to be a huge dark hole you have to go down to read and absorb. I will give brief descriptions and point you to where you can read more if you want. The goal here is to show you the most important points, so you will see what must be done and what we are up against and can expect.

So chek out the topics you like below. They will open eyes which will help in the journey.

Ancient Legends and Wisdom

Ancient Structures

Here is a map of the Pyramids of Egypt

Ancient Technologies




New World Order


Sacred Sites

There are sites all over the World that are considered Sacred places of Peace and Power for various reasons. This site is totally devoted to them. The home page has a map of all the sites around the World which shows how many there are. It’s pretty Amazing to see how many there are. Click this link to go to the site and learn more about them. Global Sacred Sites



Yet to be Made

Yet to be Made

Yet to be Made

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