We’re All One

November 19, 2017

The same atoms that made the dinosaurs are in us. That’s really cool to me. I love the way it nature all magically appears and disappears, and reappears infinitely in patterns and cycles. It’s all one cosmic quantum soup in constant evolution, nothing stops. Stardust resonates eternally, so we are connected forever. Life is meant to be fun once we get this. Play with this quantum soup, command it with your mind with a pure, untainted focused mind. As we near the summer solstice – WPPD. (World Peace and Prayer Day) Many of us or all people who want Peace and Healing for our entire realities will be Praying and Meditating together. Collaborating in our Hearts and Minds for Healing for all of us, including our planet and all of the heartaches and the abuse, toxins and dark age manifestations of lower consciousness. As we move into the Golden Age of Aquarius, we become collaborators in touch with our authentic selves, and our Purposes as we finish out our life on this beautiful planet. It’s all space, and it’s all the same. And we’re all connected. And when we Heal the micro, we Heal the macro, vs/vs. I like the stars. Anyone want to add stars to thars ..just go to lunapics and run your photo through. It’s awesome these times. Now that we can actually communicate with each other around the world! Working across the globe has opened up so much more possibilities and perspectives. We will ride this one to the end as we lasso up our stardust and command ‘it’ to create beauty as ‘it’ wants to. It’s just waiting for us to ‘visualize’ and Pray and connect with who we really are. Beyond this barnyard of chattel existence.

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